Oh my gosh,

Thank you.

I can't believe what a dream team this is. Thank you for saying yes, for offering your time, money, and talents for this vision! We are sooo excited to meet you in person after such a DIFFICULT year of lockdowns and isolation. this page covers everything you need to know- details, sm tags, inspo, set up, timeline, shot list, and my favorite part, introducing all the boss babes that made this happen! Please also note that things might change! so if you're going to be on site at core clapton events on the 30th, check back here for any updates to the timeline.

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The inspo

desert disco elopement

The details



Day of Contact


161 Northwold Road,
Upper Clapton,
London, E5 8RL

Madi Myers-Cook






They have parking but it might be full by the time we arrive. We are welcome to unload by the door and then get street parking. There is also a loading dock. The space is on the first floor, so we will have to use the stairs. There are two doors at the entrance. Use the door that goes up the stairs NOT through the lobby.

30th March 2021

Temp: 22° H, 9° L

Sunset at 7:30pm

The Creatives

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Concept, organisation, photo & video - @alexandmadi_

Florist - @botanicsflorist

Stylist + Props - @thecollectcocreative

Venue - @coreclaptonevents

HMUA - @abridaledit

Stationary - @sundownpaper

Candles - @thecollectco_house

Terracotta Trays - @thecollectco_house

Cake - @amalina.bakes

Cookies & Cakesicles - @crumbsssss

Dress - @loveinlacebridal and @themewsbridal

Veil - @w_collective

Sleeves - @seamstresstbylanya

Silk - @cfleursdesign

Jewelry - @mutedluxe

Suits - @asos

Models - @katiepenny @matt_jeffries @rossandchristine

Please be sure to tag all of the creatives in anything you post on social media, that way we can share our audiences with each other to celebrate and grow each of our businesses. We will submit this shoot to blogs, but after reading their exclusivity clauses, this doesn't hold us back from sharing away on our social media channels, websites and blogs! Share away!

The setup

The ceremony arch

The arch will go in the center of the room and will be framed by the arch ceiling. It can go about 3-4 feet away from the center window (obviously not directly up against the wall

The table

The table can start in the center of the room, I also think it would be cool to get a few shots of the table in front of the arch

portraits & Desert disco elopement

This will be set up on one of the blank white walls on the left of the room

Begin setup


Botanics Florist, The Collect Co

Hair + Makeup begins


Quelle, Matt and Katie arrive

Shoot wedding details


Flat lay, ceremony arch, table (no models), cake

Hair + Makeup complete


Matt and Katie dressed + styled, Ross and Christine arrive

Shoot earthy romantic wedding


Hair & Makeup complete


Ross and Christine dressed + styled

Shoot Desert Elopement Details


Flat lay, florals, table (no models), cakesicles, margaritas

Shoot Desert Elopement

Ceremony with couple, couple with table, couple portraits, first dance with record player, couple with cakesicles



Pack up

The Shotlist

Desert Disco Elopement





• Venue Shots
• Wedding Dress and Shoes
• Vertical and up-close

• Floral details

• Disco balls, record player, records
• Flat lays

• Cakesicles

• Venue Shots
• Wedding Dress and Shoes
• Vertical and up-close

• Ceremony details
• Flat lays

• Cake

• Couple at ceremony

• Couple popping cannons
• Couple at table

• Couple holding stationary
• Portraits

• Saying vows

• First dance

• Popping cannons
• At table

• Holding stationary
• Portraits





• Suit
• Groom with bouquet
• Groom's portraits

• Suit
• Groom with bouquet
• Groom's portraits

• Full tablescape
• Floral details
• Place Settings

• Full tablescape
• Floral details
• Place Settings





• Long Shot

• Up close

• Bride with bouquet
• Hair and Makeup
• Dress Details

• Bride with bouquet
• Hair and Makeup
• Dress Details

• Long Shot

• Up close

We want this to be more than just another styled shoot

The Boss Babes

After a year of lockdown and isolation, we want to create a space for connection, rest, creativity, and encouragement for us creatives. We want to make everyone familiar with one another before the shoot so that we don't have to waste time with pleasantries when we finally meet, and we hope these connections can build to supportive and creative friendships beyond the shoot! Without further ado, meet every boss babe who has made this shoot happen!



Photographer / videographer

Ellie, Botanics Florist

Olivia, The Collect Co

Alex and Madi



Makeup and Hair artist

Amal, Amalina Bakes

Sarah, Sundown Paper

Quelle Bester

cakesicles & cookies

Models (earthy romantic wedding)

Veil for desert disco

Katie & Matt

Jess, W Collective

Megan, Crumbs

Models (desert Disco)

Ross and Christine