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Wedding Collections

We are so excited that we are already to this stage. We hope you looked at our work, made a connection to it and could envision you and your love in it together. There is seriously no better compliment we could get than a couple trusting us to document their love story beautifully and fiercely. We want to be more than another wedding supplier for you, which means you’ve gotta be okay with us capturing all the messy stuff, the real and perfectly imperfect.

This is a big decision, your great grandchildren are going to be looking back at these someday, which is why we don't take this lightly. We will be there from the butterflies while you're getting ready, to the party with your craziest friends on the dance floor, and we won't let you forget one moment of it, or how it felt. We are here for you, and can't wait to stay double date buddies beyond your wedding day!

You ready? Let's talk investment!

But first, why us?



We will make you feel completely at ease in front of the camera

We value relationship over technically correct

We aren't the kind of people that show up at your wedding day having never met you. By hiring us, you are hiring lifelong double date buddies who will get to know you, invest in your relationship, and honestly document what feels like home to you and yours.

We are PROS at this. Whether you own it in front of the camera or you hate it, we promise you will walk away feeling confident and fully yourself (and our shoots are always accompanied with your favorite alcohol, treats, and music!)

We blend style with adventure



You'll walk away with an experience you'll never forget

If you love getting a little dirty and looking damn good while doing it, we're your people. Want to elope in an epic location but overwhelmed and feel the pressure around planning it? Inquire about our planning & styling services.

Your experience around your session strongly reflects how you feel about the photos and film later on. This is why our shoots are not just shoots. We plan a personalized, unique and unforgettable experience for you that you can show your great grandchildren. When you invest in photography & film, with us you are investing in your lifelong commitment to each other.


For the couple who goes all out


• 1 photographer
• 1 videographer

• Engagement Session
night before coverage

• 8 hours of wedding coverage

• day after session in your choice of location


• an online gallery of your beautifully edited images
• a 5-7 minute highlight video

• pre wedding consultation to go over the detail



The most popular collection


• 1 photographer
• 1 videographer

• 8 Hours of coverage
• a 3-5 minute highlight video


• an online gallery of your beautifully edited images



For smaller weddings or those who like to keep it simple



• an online gallery of your beautifully edited images

• 1 photographer
• 1 videographer

• 6 Hours of coverage
• a 3-5 minute highlight video


Add ons

Feel like you need a little more? we've got you covered.





Full ceremony & speeches video

Additional photographer

Extra wedding coverage

Couple's Session






You will receive a custom travel quote based on the location of your wedding.

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Wedding Tips and tricks

Getting Ready


Airbnb Weddings

Day after sessions

Be intentional about your getting ready spaces, it can define the mood for the rest of the day. For example, if you get ready in a hotel bathroom surrounded by everyone's luggage and terrible lighting, trying to make sure you get everything out of the hotel in time, you might feel stressed and overstimulated with clutter around you. Plus, hotel rooms really limit lighting, creativity, and colors in photos. Compare that to a room with soft natural lighting streaming into a clean space with your thoughtful wedding details (shoes, jewelry, hair accessories) beautiful laid out and your dress hanging from the window, or ouside on a porch where you can get fresh air, you'll probably feel more more at peace and in touch with your emotions.

By the time your wedding rolls around, you're going to be a lighting pro! We have way more tips if you book with us, but for now, we can't even stress to you how important lots of string lights are for your reception. Think about it this way. The brighter you can make your reception space with stringed lights and candles, the better your photos and video will turn out. Low lit receptions with dj lighting (ew) end up making the photos poor quality, super grainy losing lots of detail, and usually have to be edited black and white to make them look decent. If you have tons of string lights and candles, I'll be able to edit the photos in color, your skin will look better, and I won't have to use flash over photos that should have a soft dreamy look. Also the DJ's distracting lights, take away from the romantic look and forcing me to use a flash, which distracts  from the moment.

The absolute perfect venue for micro weddings or if you want an unexpected location. There are so many benefits airbnb weddings offer that most traditional wedding venues simply can’t, including a cozy atmosphere, flexibility when it comes to your wedding vendors, and a place to sleep when the party is over. An Airbnb wedding is a great option for couples who want an at-home feel without having to host their wedding in their own home.

We are OBSESSED with day after sessions because they allow you to spend your wedding day being completely present to each other and to your guests. A day after session means you get to get all done up in your wedding attire again and take portraits in your choice of location anywhere in the UK! Maybe your wedding isn't in the most beautiful location, well here's your chance to get all dolled up again and be in that dream location!


What do we wear for photos?

What is a complimentary couple's session?

We have a What to Wear Guide we will send over, but wear something that is comfortable and is your style. Being yourselves is so important! If you are the type of people that would rather sit around in sweats all day, then it will probably not make a ton of sense for you to wear something fancy. Sticking to neutrals without any logos is best, but message me and I can help you choose outfits based on the location we will shoot at.

Couple's sessions are our absolute favorite. We get to spend un-rushed time with you creating memories and experiences together. Our packages include a complimentary couple's session which can be used as an engagement session, honeymoon session, or day after session. Unfortunately they cannot be traded in for longer day-of wedding coverage.

How many images can we expect from our wedding or adventure session?

What do we do if it's raining on the day of our session?

We can reschedule if weather is really that awful, but some of our favorite sessions ever have been in rain/snow! And if it’s windy? Wind is what we pray we get for every shoot! Embracing the weather makes for incredible memories and photos. We will make the decision together whether we need to rechedule or not.

We will deliver a minimum of 50 images for shoots and 400 for weddings. We don’t put a set number on how many you will receive, but we never leave anything good out. We don’t put a cap on how many we will deliver either. Every shoot is so different and numbers are always changing! If you'd like to see what some full shoot galleries, I’m happy to send over a couple so you can get a feel for what I deliver.

How do you accept payments?

We accept payments via bank transfer or PayPal.

How long until we get to see our photos and video?

It usually takes us 4-6 weeks to edit and deliver photos and video for shoots and 8-10 weeks for weddings. This is because each photo and video is a work of art and a memory that you’ll have forever.

What happens if you can't make it?

If something crazy out of control happens making us unable to make it to your wedding, then we will do our best to find a replacement photographer and videographer that we trust to come and take our place to shoot. We're not legally held to doing so. In the case of us or a replacement not making it to your wedding, you will be refunded.

Can you photoshop us to look skinnier/ have clear skin?

We don’t photoshop your bodies to appear different than they actually are because we want to focus on making you feel beautiful rather than look perfect. We do clear up skin and remove anything that is distracting.

You ready? Let's do this!

You probably have so many questions on how all this works and where to go from here to make this work for you two. Let’s hop on a quick facetime and we can answer any and all questions to make sure you feel a billion times more confident about this! Don’t worry, we got you.

Deposit & Contract

First, we ask for a 50% deposit and signed contract, with the final payment due one month before the wedding. Need a payment plan? Ask us about your other options!

Dream big

Once the deposit is paid and contract signed, then let’s start dreaming up how we can capture you two in your quirks and weridness and belly laughs and love story.

wedding and adventure time

Finally, we will go run around a mountain top, hop in a lake, eat some pizza and drink a beer, watch a crazy sunset, and/or celebrate one of the biggest days of your life around all your favorite people. Pinky promise, this is going to be magical.