5 reasons you need a photo & video team for your wedding or elopement

May 14, 2021

We know you’ve heard the stories.

“Our photographer and videographer made things really awkward because they didn’t get along.” “Our wedding photos and video are completely different styles” “Our portraits took twice as long because we had to shoot with the photographer and videographer separately so they could both get the shots they wanted. This meant we didn’t get to spend as much time with our guests” “Everything added up so quickly so we didn’t hire a videographer. I wish we did.”

Oooof. We are cringing just thinking about these! When a photography and videographer don’t work well together, it’s honestly just a sad show for everyone involved, especially on a day that’s all about YOU!

(Enter Alex & Madi, your married photo & video team hehe)

So, why should you hire a husband & wife photo video team? Here are our top 6 reasons!

We’re on the same team

And that team is “team couple!” We value relationship and trust with you over perfection and technically correct, which means, as a team, we can document your story authentically, creatively and in a consistent style from start to finish. We work together to save time, capture hidden moments, and take the stress off you.

Being on the same team also means throughout the entire process, we communicate behind the scenes to make this the best experience for you. Because we are married and in love, every shoot feels like the most fun & adventurous double date for our couples!

We are different

Alex is the giggly puppy that can make anyone feel comfortable, while Madi is the aesthetic queen that can make anyone look good! We make an incredible team and although we are different, our differences create an experience for our couples unlike any other.


Because we’re a married team, we have an insanely strong connection. We are each other’s favorite partner in life and in work. We build a relationship and style for each couple so that by the time we shoot your wedding, we know what each other is trying to accomplish. We help each other to get the creative shots we need to document your story authentically without ever getting in each other’s way or competing for shots.


We communicate and collaborate behind the scenes from the moment you send your inquiry to when we deliver the gallery and video, so the style, feel, and tone of your photos + film will be consistent. Someday, when your great grand-babies are looking at these, the photos + film all completely seamless and consistent, helping you relive all your memories and emotions from this season of your life. Check out this gallery to see what I mean!


I’m not going to lie- photography & videography are a huge investment. But they’re an investment into your relationship. Someday when life get’s hard and you feel disconnected, you can look back at this season and its memories to remember feeling connected and fully alive and all the emotions and butterflies it brought. That being said, by hiring us as a team, it’s up to 20% less expensive than hiring two separate companies. 1 contract, 1 vendor to pay, 1 point of contact for all things photo/video/creative related through the entire process means less stress on you. Here’s some more info on investing in us to photograph and film your memories.

Double date buddies

By hiring us, you are basically hiring lifelong double date buddies and cheerleaders. We want to be more than just a supplier for you. We are invested in you and your story beyond the wedding day. No awkward third wheel photographers, just us as a united team laughing by your side. Read more about the experience we give our couples!

Ready to commit to this double date relationship? Get in touch!

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Your double date buddies (Us!)